Presidential election and education plans of AlGore and George W. Bush                  

George W. Bush, as a Presidential candidate, clearly stated that every child should be allowed to receive basic education. George W. Bush had mentioned that the main problem is with raised expectations and reluctance towards accepting a unique curriculum structure. Education has been the main theme during Presidential elections involving both AlGore and George W. Bush. George W. Bush had laid more emphasis on the role of the federal government in the field of education. Both the campaigns were based on a similar platform, but the approaches undertaken by AlGore and George W. Bush were not similar to one another. AlGore stated that federal spending to be increased by a rate of 50% in the field of education. Approximately, $115 billion was proposed to be allocated for the next few decades. As per AlGore’s presidential campaign, federal government had to take the initiative of increasing salaries of teachers along with assigning funds for school construction and preschool programs.

George W. Bush was a man with a different thought process associated with the field of education. George W. Bush tried to give more importance to the local control. He mentioned in one of his Presidential campaigns that schools are to be made relatively more accountable for upgrading skills and performance of students. George W. Bush had educational strategies designed for the eligible candidates who were financially weak. He proposed a strategy where additional funds would be allocated to extend support towards the most disadvantaged children who were not able to properly read or write.                       term papers                  

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Key essence of Presidential campaigns

For Presidential Candidates i.e. AlGore and George W. Bush, the 2000 election campaign took into account some important issues. For instance, the main issues which were emphasized upon were –

  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Security

Arguably, educational issues had taken the limelight in 2000 election campaign. In the mentioned year’s educational campaign, both the Presidential Candidates were found to be inclined towards highlighting the role of the federal government in the educational field. However, both Presidential Candidates had adopted some important elements in their respective campaigns. For George W. Bush, the policies on education had been more centered towards structuring a comprehensive package where great emphasis was placed on accountability and choice. On the contrary, AlGore was more focused on smaller sizes of class including rigorous methods for retaining and hiring teachers.

AlGore stated that the gap in academic achievement has been narrowed down in the past few years before Presidential Election of 2000. George W. Bush claimed that the administration of Clinton-Gore has resulted into a form of educational recession.

Educational policies of AlGore and George W. Bush

Educational policy can be an important factor to be discussed in Presidential Elections which has been proved by George W. Bush and AlGore. Both AlGore and George W. Bush had spoken about bringing forth a reform in the educational field. The motives of AlGore and George W. Bush behind proposing policies on education were different, but both of them tried to emphasize on the role of government in education. George W. Bush attempted to include provisions for disabled while discussing about educational policies.

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